Stay Awake after Awake-A-Thon

Garfield Sleeping at Awake-A-Thon copyThe whole point of Awake-A-Thon is to stay up all night and sleep on the car ride home. This idea is all well and good while the members, but what about the advisors who have to stay up all night and then drive home? Try to implement these tips to make the trek home a bit more manageable.

  1. Take a nap before you drive. A nap only needs to take 5-25 minutes. This allows your body to rest without entering a really deep sleep (REM sleep). Taking this short nap will help you feel refreshed enough to make that hour long drive home.
  2. Eat healthy before you drive. Grabbing a quick energy shot or power bar may seem a whole lot easier than packing away some produce or grains, but your body will thank you for the extra effort. The fat, sugar and salt that come with energy products will only last you a little while and make you feel even worse after you come down from the “sugar high.” Having a snack with a good amount of complex carbs or protein will give your body more stamina for less.
  3. Listen to music or an audio book. Everyone knows that blasting the radio with upbeat music is a great way to keep your attention. While this is generally a good way to stay awake, it does have its downsides. Listening to that same pop song on the radio over and over can wear on you, so put in a book on tape and let someone read to you. You can stay focused on the story and even learn something!
  4. Talk while driving. If you’re driving home from Awake-A-Thon, chances are you have a few DeMolays in your car. While they all may want to sleep, one or two of them will surly agree to stay awake with you for the safety of the group.
  5. Drink water over coffee. I know what you’re thinking: are you crazy? While the answer to that question is irrelevant, water will do you a world of good over coffee. Dehydration is a major factor in fatigue, and since coffee is a diuretic, it will dehydrate you while it sends short-lived caffeine into your system. If you keep the water flowing, then your body will stay hydrated and alert much longer than coffee will.

Awake-A-Thon is a one of a kind event. Make sure you stay awake and focused from beginning to end… and then the car ride home.


Your Chapter in the Public Eye

john eliot.jpg&MaxW=650Membership is a hard topic to tackle; there are so many variables that no one method works universally. Even though there are numerous techniques to gain interest in DeMolay, there is one that can be considered the most effective: publicity.

What do you consider publicity? Publicity can range from being on the evening news to simply having a bulletin up in a public place. These types of exposure are great ways to attract attention from parents and potential new members. A person is able to have their interest peaked about DeMolay while going about their daily routine. They can see what DeMolay is and what your Chapter has done recently. One of the best parts is that you had to do little to no work for this publicity; just hold the event!

The next question is, what kind of event does your Chapter hold that you could consider newsworthy? Your Chapter holds at least two events a year that you could publicized. An Installation of Officers is a chance to get the name of your Chapter out into your community. It is also worth spreading the word about any civic service projects or Obligatory Observances you put on.

A great example of easy publicity is the article that John Eliot Chapter is featured in on Click the link to see a simple and easy article about the Chapter’s most recent installation.  It is articles like these that give DeMolay a great spin in the public eye and help make your recruiting efforts that much easier.

First 100 Days

ImageFranklin D. Roosevelt first coined the phrase “The First Hundred Days” in 1933.  Since then, Americans have used this time span to gauge the success of their Presidents for the remainder of their terms.  This period is often considered the point in a Presidency when power and influence is at its greatest.  Criteria used by the populace include; time spent transitioning from one President to the next, how much legislative success they have had, and how cohesive a new President is with Congress.

While the State Master Councilor of Massachusetts DeMolay may not have the length of term that the President does, his first hundred days are no less important.  November 12 marked the one hundredth day in SMC Brandon Thorne’s term.  Here is what he had to say about his time in office thus far:

It is hard to believe it has already been one hundred days since Conclave. It has really been a whirlwind since the installation of my State Officers and me. The transition from last year to now has been challenging at points, but for the most part has gone well. I have the State Suite to thank for that. They have barely missed a beat in the transition from Doug’s term to mine. Our two new State Officers have really come on board quickly too. We have been running around trying our best to get out to the chapters and I am really proud of the job we have done at our first two events this year between the lessons the membership took away from the Membership Summit and the fun we had at Paintball things have gone really well so far. However, we still have another 9 months until Conclave 2014 and there is a lot of work still to be done.

What do you think Brother Thorne has accomplished thus far?  Do you think the 2013-2014 State Officers have done a good job?  Let us know in the comments below.

Meet Mihai!


Mihai, who also goes by Mike, is a founding member of DeMolay Romania. He affiliated with John Eliot Chapter while he attends Babson College.

My name is Mihai Prisacariu and I am a member of DeMolay Romania.  I have joined this wonderful brotherhood four year ago when DeMolay just started in Romania.  I am now a first year student at Babson College in Massachusetts.

My initiation was the very first in Romania, and until then the ritual was done in English.  Even though that was the first initiation, and at the beginning, there was only one DeMolay Chapter in Romania, brothers from all around the country came to be initiated.  Most of them were from the bigger cities in Romania, so they eventually started their own chapters.  In Romania, there are seven chapters, two of which are in Bucharest, the capital.

After two and a half years of being in DeMolay, I decided to open a new chapter in my hometown, a city with just 50,000 people.  First, I talked to seven of my closest friends about this organization and they all seemed very excited about the idea.  One of them became our chapter sweetheart.  My friends talked with their friends about DeMolay and, after about six months, we got another seven DeMolays from my hometown.  At this time, we had the number of people we needed to start the “Victor Cazacu” Chapter from Petrosani.  All the members of the chapter voted for me as the Master Councilor.

I was still living in Bucharest during this time, but I would go to Petrosani, which is about 210 miles away from Bucharest, every two weeks in order to attend our meeting.  I was not the only one who had to commute in order to come to the meetings.   We still have members that are away at college in other cities around the country who come back home for every meeting.

Now I want to affiliate to the “John Eliot” Chapter in Natick in order to continue my work as a DeMolay. I am very excited to begin this new chapter in my life.

Be Remarkable at Your Job

Remarkable-employeeMany DeMolays will hold their first job during their high school or college years.  Generally, these jobs are entry-level positions in a local business or shop.  Whether it is your first, second, or even career job, coming into work and giving it your all is important.  By putting your due diligence into whatever job you find yourself in, success will surely follow.

Even if you put in your hours and make sure you do your job perfectly, and your employer considers you a great worker, there is still room for improvement.

Jeff Harden, a columnist for, wrote an article titled 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees.  In this article, Harden writes about eight different strategies that you can use to help you stand out more in a positive manner towards your coworkers and employers.

Many of his points focus on your drive and ability to be personable.  Depending on where you are in your job and how much these traits naturally apply to you, it will take a committed effort to creating a better working environment for you in the future.  Some of these qualities will only have a few opportunities where you can showcase your talents as opposed to others so it is important to have them all practiced for whenever these situations occur.

These tips are not surefire ways to make you stand out at any job at any given time.  They are there for you to get into the good graces of your employer and be the top candidate next time a promotion rolls around.  If you are looking towards the future at your job, then being a remarkable employee may not be a bad thing to learn.